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General Release Applications and Sites

ProTracked is a cloud based courier management application which allows you to enter and track your jobs. You can produce quotes, handle invoicing and payment. Issue jobs to your drivers who can view and update their jobs in real time via the mobile apps available, which can also provide driver tracking. In addition to this the drivers can collect digital signatures for collection and delivery.

Learnerbase is a course and student management database designed with small to medium training providers in mind. It records all of your student data along with courses split in to units, assignments and targets. Timescales and grades can be recorded against targets and used to produce in depth reports on students progress. It also produces registers timetables and reviews. Different levels of access can be set with accounts for admin, users and guests. Click the link above to go to the Learnerbase website and learn more or like us on face using the button at the bottom of the page to keep up to date with this product and more.

Example of our work for Clients

Mobile Apps

We have developed mobile applications for a number of companies which range from a fashion app which matches and downloads colors to the users phone based on a number of personal details to applications which record the users location and digital signatures through use of the touch screen. We can host your apps for you on itunes and google play or provide you with qr codes for easy downloads by your staff/clients.

Web applications and sites

One client which we built a site for had to record staff timesheets and submit them at the end of each week which were then sent to another location. As some staff sometimes worked at different locations this was creating additional work with scanning, faxing and unnecessary trips to the main office. To us the solution was simply, we created a secure area within their site for staff to log on, complete the timesheet online and digitally sign it. The timesheet could then be checked at the main office and directly emailed from the application.